Dental Services in Akron OH

Woman hides smile and needs several dental services in Akron OH.

Are you embarrassed by your smile? Is your smile something that you hide? Are you avoiding photographs with friends or even attending social outings because of how you feel about the appearance of your teeth? Are you looking for dental services that will restore your smile and relieve your anxiety?

It’s More Than Just Teeth

Frequent studies have linked the beauty and health of a person’s smile to key factors that have a significant influence on their career and social life. In fact, the whiter and straighter your teeth are, the more likely you are to score that next job interview or promotion. When you feel confident about your smile, you’ll feel more at ease around other people, especially in the social or dating scene.

Where Do You Start?

Having complex dental needs often require multiple trips to the dentist and days off of work. Fortunately, Chapel Hill Dental Care – Joseph G Marcius DDS can help. Our specific care focus is delivering high quality dental services to individuals that dislike visiting the dentist, or have undergone severe smile needs throughout the years.

We’ll begin by addressing how to keep you comfortable and what bothers you most about your smile. Is it the gap left by a missing tooth? The shape or coloration of your enamel? Regardless of how “bad off” you think it is, Dr. Joe has completed thousands of complex care cases over the years — here, you’re in the best hands.

Comfort is Important

Thanks to over 25 years of experience managing IV sedation cases, Dr. Joe is able complete all of your procedures in as little as a single treatment appointment in our office. In fact, we receive referrals from over 70 general and family dentists in the area for sedation dentistry services.

Take the first step to smiling with confidence again. Call us today!

Dental Services We Provide

Chapel Hill Dental Care – Joseph G Marcius DDS provides comprehensive dental care in an open, relaxed, anxiety-free atmosphere. Dr. Jo receives referrals from over 70 general dentists in the area, but many of our patients are referred by word-of-mouth through their friends and family members.

At Chapel Hill Dental Care – Joseph G Marcius DDS in Akron, you and your family can access:

Sedation Dentistry — Dr. Joe has provided in-house IV sedation dentistry at our Akron office for over 25 years. This allows him to complete complex cases and surgeries in a single visit, as opposed to you making multiple trips to our office. When you’re here for a sedation appointment, you’re the only patient that Dr. Joe will be seeing for that entire window of time. Conscious oral sedation and nitrous oxide options are also available.

Dental Implant Therapy — Permanent dental implants offer a lifelong tooth replacement that’s closer to natural teeth than any other type of prosthesis. Dr. Joe has been performing implant surgery and restoration for more than 25 years. Our computer guided technology reduces surgery and recovery time.

Cosmetic Solutions and Smile Makeovers — We believe in giving patients great smiles.through our cosmetic dentistry services. Dr. Joe doesn’t leave it up to a lab to design your new teeth, he hand-designs your entire case right here in our office. It’s just one way we provide a more customized touch.

Complex Care Cases — From rampant tooth decay and full mouth rehabilitation to replacing one or two missing teeth, Dr. Joe will work closely with you to perfect a treatment case that exceeds your personal expectations.

Emergency Dentistry — Are you in pain and looking for an emergency dentist? Call us right away for a comfortable experience that will put your mind at ease.

A happy couple who found the best dental services in Akron OH are smiling at their luck.With over 35 years of experience, Dr. Joe has perfected his skill for managing patients with severe dental phobias and anxiety. Many of the individuals we treat have a history of less than fortunate treatment experiences, severe medical needs, or fear of the dentist altogether. Call us today to find out about our dental services and how we can help you change the way you feel about dental care.