Cosmetic Dentistry in Akron

A happy couple smiling with bright white smiles they received from cosmetic dentistry services at Chapel Hill Dental Care

There’s more to cosmetic dentistry than straight, white teeth. At Chapel Hill Dental Care – Joseph G Marcius DDS, Dr. Joe spends extensive amounts of time hand-crafting the mockups of his cosmetic and customized smile makeover cases. This extra level of artistic skill ensures that our patients experience even more beautiful smiles than the creative wax-ups they see during their case presentation.

Designing Your New Smile

Each and every person’s cosmetic case is unique. From the appearance of enamel to the contours of your soft tissues, Dr. Joe doesn’t leave a single detail out. Your teeth are the actors on a stage, and your gingival tissues are the curtain. With perfect symmetry and health, we can craft a smile that is both functional and beautiful.

Some of the aesthetic irregularities we often address include:

  • High lip lines with “long teeth” or “gummy smiles”
  • Uneven smile lines
  • The size, shape, and positioning of the teeth
  • Aesthetic flaws, such as discoloration or surface irregularities of the enamel

Cosmetic Dentistry Treatments Recommended

Depending on the extent of your needs, Dr. Joe will often combine a variety of therapies, such as:

Porcelain Veneers — Thin shells of porcelain mask irregularities in your teeth, creating an instant “smile makeover.” But, before your permanent veneers are ever made, Dr. Joe will handcraft the temporary cosmetic restorations so you can wear and critique them down to the finest detail.

Composite Bonding — Tooth colored restorations gently reshape or mask minor irregularities that do not require a porcelain veneer or crown.

Dental Crowns — Full coverage porcelain restorations look beautiful and serve to preserve the integrity of the underlying tooth.

Teeth Whitening — Safely and effectively lift years of stains from your enamel. Be sure to ask about our free whitening refill program!

Gingival Recontouring — Uneven or bulky gum tissues can make your smile appear unhealthy or detract from your teeth. Soft tissue therapies enhance your overall cosmetic services.

Cosmetic Orthodontics – Short-term braces improve the alignment of your teeth to accentuate your overall appearance.

Osseous Surgery — Natural bone levels and density have an impact on your smile contour, as well as treatments such as dental implant placement. Our piezoelectric technology treats bony tissues without trauma to the gums around it.

Stop Feeling Embarrassed by Your Teeth

Closeup of woman's smile looking perfect because of the cosmetic dentistry services she received at Chapel Hill Dental CareDr. Joe has worked closely with the same dental lab for over 25 years, delivering the same consistency of care to every person who walks through our door. Cosmetic therapies are some of Dr. Joe’s favorite procedures to complete.

Studies show that the better your smile looks, the more likely you are to have a wider social circle, higher paying job, and greater self-confidence. Investing in your new smile can actually be an investment in your future.

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A truly beautiful smile can occur only where optimal oral health and art intersect. Experience a smile that you can feel proud of sharing with those around you. Contact Chapel Hill Dental Care – Joseph G Marcius DDS today to schedule a complimentary consultation. All insurance plans are welcome, and financing is available.

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