Complex Dental Care in Akron

Woman in dental chair receiving consultation on complex dental care she needs to resort her oral health.

If fear of the dental office has prevented you from getting the maintenance and therapeutic care your smile deserves, there’s a good chance that things have compounded to the point where your entire smile has become a candidate for complex dental care and needs full rehabilitation.

Thanks to Dr. Joe’s passion for such complex dental cases, and his extensive experience as an IV sedation dentist, Chapel Hill Dental Care – Joseph G Marcius DDS provides single visit sedation appointments so that we can catch up on everything while you sit back and relax.

Why One Appointment?

With IV sedation dentistry, Dr. Joe is able to provide you with his undivided attention, completing multiple phases of treatment in a single appointment. In many cases, these visits last for up to four or more hours, as you are comfortably sedated. Once the sedatives wear off, you’re left with a restored smile that gives you the boost toward full oral health you truly deserve.

Many of our patients have a history of being unable to endure multiple trips to the dentist, either because they are uncomfortable, afraid, or have had bad experiences in the past. After meeting Dr. Joe and our compassionate team, a single visit complex care treatment will sound like the perfect solution to all of your smile’s problems!

Single Visit Restorative and General Care

Depending on your unique needs and expectations, Dr. Joe will provide multiple types of treatments to restore your bite and natural oral function. Some examples may include:

Dental bridges and dental crowns — To rebuild a badly damaged tooth or replace one that is missing, our custom porcelain crowns and bridges add both life and enhanced aesthetics to your smile.

Teeth fillings — Minimally invasive fillings allow us to halt the spread of decay and restore your tooth before more invasive therapies are necessary.

Tooth extractions — Same day extractions and denture fabrication or implant treatment allows you to avoid discomfort or embarrassment. Selective wisdom tooth removal is also available.

Dental implant surgery — A permanent alternative for replacing missing teeth. Our in-house 3D CT scanner provides the opportunity for a faster surgery and recovery.

Periodontal therapy — Loss of attachment tissues due to gum disease can predispose you to early tooth loss. We offer non-surgical deep cleanings along with oral DNA analysis.

Endodontic therapy (root canals) — Abscessed teeth can cause pain and compromise the health of your smile. Treating the tooth internally allows us to preserve it for several more years.

Osseous surgery and gingival grafting — State-of-the-art technology allows Dr. Joe to treat areas of excessive tissues or bone loss, to be supportive of other types of restorative procedures (such as implants.)

The Oral/Systemic Health Relationship

Numerous studies have shown that the quality of an individual’s oral health has a significant impact on their overall health, and vice versa. Conditions like periodontal disease can predispose a person to an elevated risk of:

  • Heart attack
  • Stroke
  • Diabetes
  • Obesity
  • Fertility problems, erectile dysfunction, and premature labor
  • Pneumonia

Woman getting an exam because of complex dental issues that need to be addressed. Fortunately, you can take control over your smile’s needs by taking advantage of our in-house IV sedation dentistry services. Dr. Joe is one of the Akron area’s most experienced sedation providers. Over 70 area family dentists refer their patients to us! Call today to schedule a complimentary consultation.

Dr. Joe has been placing dental implants for over 25 years, making him one of the most experienced implant dentists in the greater Akron area.