Complimentary Consultations

Are you finding it challenging to choose an oral health provider that can meet the unique needs of your complex case? At Chapel Hill Dental Care – Joseph G Marcius DDS, we have over 25 years of experience in IV sedation and gentle dental care — even for the most phobic patients.

We cater to individuals with advanced dental concerns, special needs, medical concerns, and even a fear of the dentist due to past traumatic experiences. In fact, over 70 dentists refer their patients to us for IV sedation dentistry.

Your Initial Visit

During your complimentary consultation, our compassionate team will listen to your concerns, and gain an understanding of your long-term oral health goals. Dr. Joe will assess your situation and work with you to conjunctively formulate a plan to address these issues. Ultimately, we want you to be able to enjoy comfortable care and a healthy smile, no matter what it takes.

Why are Our Consultations Free?

There is no charge for an initial consultation. We truly believe that you should feel comfortable and confident with your oral health provider, regardless of who it is. That’s why we offer this service to prospective patients and their families, in an effort to ease the process as much as possible. We’re confident that you will have never felt so relaxed inside of a dental office!

What’s the Next Step?

Depending on how much information we gather during your consultation, we may or may not need you to return for a more extensive examination to decide the next logical step in managing your case. We want you to become very familiar with our compassionate team well before we begin performing any type of treatment. Here, dentistry is personal…not just our job.

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